Science-driven, Patient-inspired

At Tolmar, we’re driven by science. It’s where our story starts and it continues to guide us in achieving our mission. We develop novel treatments and innovative solutions through our steadfast dedication to scientific and technology-based advancement.
Through our focus on the therapeutic areas of urology, oncology and dermatology, Tolmar is committed to advancing patient care around the world. We work to meet their current and future needs by researching, developing and delivering novel therapies. Our flagship product, ELIGARD® (leuprolide acetate for injectable suspension), is the only LHRH agonist marketed worldwide with the innovative ATRIGEL® Delivery System.
Tolmar’s state-of-the-art product development, clinical research, and manufacturing facilities in Northern Colorado are dedicated to the continuous discovery and development of medicines that advance patient care worldwide.

Tolmar is Working to Meet the Needs of Today and Tomorrow
See How Scientific Achievement Leads to Industry Advancement
Tolmar’s success is built on
a passion for science and technology
Advanced Manufacturing Facilities

Tolmar’s state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities enable us to produce a wide range of pharmaceutical treatments, including topical solutions, creams, gels and injectables. Our proven track record for quality and reliability has made Tolmar a trusted name in manufacturing for over a decade.

Invested in Technology

Tolmar strives to stay at the forefront of industry innovation; our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies. Tolmar serves specialty markets by developing and manufacturing innovative pharmaceutical products, using the latest production methods.

While what we have achieved thus far gives us pride, it is nothing compared to what we strive to achieve in the future.
Company founder, Tolmar Pharmaceuticals