Tolmar’s Culture Stems from a Shared Passion to Make a Difference

At Tolmar we’re engaged with the community and we remain close to the cause. Every member of our team works together to advance patient care. Tolmar’s culture is founded on a shared passion for progress and that passion directs our purpose.
At Tolmar, we are part of something bigger. Our culture recognizes hard work and inspires a sense of dedication throughout our company. Tolmar encourages a synergistic environment, knowing that collaboration is at the heart of innovation. Our team’s mutual commitment to advancing patient care is part of what makes a career at Tolmar a truly rewarding experience.
Tolmar proudly supports local charities and nonprofit groups to advocate for the causes we’re passionate about. We also partner with non-profit organizations such as Relay for Life, Blue Shoe Run, and ZERO, the End of Prostate Cancer. Engaging with the community encompasses all of Tolmar’s company values: Science, Dedication, Passion, Integrity and Care.

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