COVID-19 Important Message

At Tolmar, our priority has been, and always will be to safeguard the health and safety of our employees, ensure continuity of supply of our portfolio of medicines for patients, and supporting healthcare providers on the correct use of our products. During this challenging time, Tolmar has implemented measures including suspension of non-essential travel, facilitating work from home for all functions where this is viable, and for employees whose work requires them to be on site, measures to ensure a safe working environment.

To date, our production schedules are running as planned with risk mitigation strategies in place to ensure minimal disruption of supply. Our field-based employees, while working from home, remain dedicated to supporting all practice settings where our therapies are administered. Our representatives are fully functioning and accessible via all alternative means of communication.  As state restrictions are modified across the country, our field-based representatives will return to providing in person services as deemed suitable by your healthcare setting in compliance with all guidance.

Tolmar is dedicated to providing in-services to healthcare providers to ensure correct mixing and administration of Eligard® (leuprolide acetate) for injectable suspension and Fensolvi® (leuprolide acetate) for injectable suspension. To request information, support resources, or mixing and administration in-servicing, please call our customer service line at 1-877-ELIGARD or 1-888-FENSOLVI, or send an e-mail to .  We also encourage you to reach out to your local representative directly with inquiries, needs, or requests. If you do not have the contact info for your local representative, our customer service department can provide this information to you and promptly put you in contact with them.

In-person, as well as live virtual mixing and administration in-services are available at any time, and can be scheduled for times determined by your practice. All live in-service will be conducted respecting Covid-19 related employee/workplace protocols, ensuring the safety of both your staff members and Tolmar employees during these sessions. Please be aware that we can provide these services repeatedly if needed, to reach all practitioners in your practice or to align with your patient injection schedules.

Please know that we remain dedicated to providing products, information, and support at the highest level of service amidst this persistent challenging set of circumstances.


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