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Tolmar has marketed products across the therapeutic areas of urology, oncology and dermatology. Our manufacturing facilities enable us to develop specialty injectables, as well as other innovative delivery systems and formulations. With a strong reputation for high quality products, Tolmar is a trusted partner and we proudly work with industry leaders to distribute Tolmar products worldwide. Each product in Tolmar’s portfolio represents our progressive methods and advanced capabilities.

ELIGARD® (leuprolide acetate for injectable suspension) exemplifies Tolmar’s drive to discover
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Tolmar’s formulation and manufacturing expertise have made us a leader in developing generic treatments for specialty dermatologic applications. With our knowledge and abilities, Tolmar delivers high quality prescription creams, gels, ointments and solutions.

Our dedication remains steadfast toward scientific progress, innovation, and patient care.
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Continuing to exceed the expectations of healthcare practitioners and their patients is Tolmar’s promise.

Tolmar upholds corporate responsibility to the highest standard.

Tolmar proudly advocates for patients and the community.