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As an advocate for medical and scientific advancement, Tolmar proudly assists fulfilling unmet needs through the funding of Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs. These independently run and controlled programs are an opportunity for healthcare professionals to enrich or develop their knowledge, skills and performance. By providing grants and support for CME programs, Tolmar makes a continued investment to fund future discoveries and innovations.
Application process

Tolmar evaluates applications on a rolling basis. Applications must be submitted at least 90 days before the program start date. Every attempt will be made to provide a response to your grant request within 30 days to enable receipt of funds 30 days before the program start date. All applicants must sign and return the letter of agreement before any funds will be issued.

All funding from Tolmar must be consistent with the following therapeutic areas: prostate disease/cancer, men’s health, hormonal therapy and oncology. Funds from Tolmar must be used only for the educational activity for which they are applied.

In addition to the application, please submit these required documents:

Please submit the above documents to

Tolmar, at its sole discretion, may reject an application for various reasons. Tolmar will not provide funding

  • for any illegal purpose
  • to promote any Tolmar product
  • for advertising, displays, booths, or promotional exhibit fees (please contact Tolmar commercial division or your local representative for such requests)
  • for educational grant requests from organizations that have not returned unused funds or provided reconciliation information to Tolmar
  • for programs sponsored by individual healthcare providers or an individual’s medical practice
  • for nonmedical education purposes (eg, research studies, including clinical studies and investigator-initiated studies (IISs); charitable contributions; promotional or commercial marketing programs or advertisements; corporate sponsorship agreements; private schools/colleges/universities attended by physicians or their family members; religious programs or medical missions to foreign countries)
  • for nonfaculty personnel travel, registration, parking, lodging, or individual attendee expenses; recreation, social events, or entertainment (class reunions, retirement dinners, etc.)
  • as compensation to HCPs for their time at a CME program
  • to offset capital or operating expenses
  • to debarred institutions or groups, or to CME providers on probation by ACCME (or similar accrediting body)
  • toward personal expenses (eg, membership fees or personal development)

After CME course completion
Please submit the following documents to Tolmar within 60 days of the CME/IME course completion:

  • All unused funds
  • Budget and reconciliation information
  • All program outcomes

For questions, please contact

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